Making a donation

If you feel, like us, that developing heritage interpretation in Europe makes sense, please read on!

Our goals and our vision are ambitious – in particular when the concept of heritage Interpretation is still not well-known in many European countries.

On top of that, interpreters and heritage sites are always short of money. We need to keep our basic membership fees low so that we do not exclude members for financial reasons.

As a result, we need donations – as generous as possible – as additional income so that we can fulfil our vision and goals.


Charity status

We are recognised as a charity by the German tax authorities (Finanzamt Eschwege-Witzenhausen) and we issue donation receipts.


How to donate – three options:



You can donate by PayPal. This works for everybody with a bank account or a credit card, no matter where you live (but we are charged a small fee from Paypal).

Click the button below, insert amount in new window and donate with PayPal account or your Credt / Debit Card.

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SEPA Bank transfer

If you have a bank account in one of the SEPA countries you can use a SEPA bank transfer:

Our IBAN: DE32430609677912466200

Please do not forget to indicate “Donation” and your name and address.

From within Germany please use:
Kontonummer: 7912466200
BLZ: 430 609 67 – GLS Bank, Bochum


SEPA Direct Debite Mandate

Alternatively, if you are a member, and have already issued a SEPA Direct Debite Mandate to us, you can just fill in the form below and we will do the rest.

If the Captcha doesn’t work for you…

…then please try the following procedure in order to submit the form. Note, the  names of the menu items here are taken from the English version of Firefox. Depending on your browser version the names may be different.

  • After filling in the form completely go to the ‘Files’ menu of your web browser
  • then click on ‘Save Page As’,
  • choose a local location, e.g. ‘Desktop’ or ‘Downloads’
  • at the bottom of the window choose: ‘Web page, HTML only’
  • and save the HTML file locally.
  • Then please send the HTML file as an email attachment to

This should work, but it requires that you tried to submit the filled form with a ‘wrong’ Captcha. Otherwise your data will not be saved in the HTML file.

In case of further difficulty, please contact us at